Sunday, May 24, 2009

Renew, refresh, rewind, reconnect

There are a lot of restuff these days. With all of the fast paceness they we experience there is a growing movement to stop and reflect of our life. Hitting that pause button of life is so important and needed in our busy lives.

The monks would have this time of reflection and centering. You would think that these men of prayer wouldn't need this time of slowdown but even in their piety they still needed to "recenter" on Jesus.

Jesus himself needed to reconnect with the father. Many instances in the gospel it spoke of times when Jesus would get away and wonder in the desert. What was he doing in those quiet places?
Reconnecting with the father. How much more do we need it daily?

How do I recenter on God?
Block out time in your day to hit the pause button, and reflect on Jesus. Reconnect with the father because He is trying to reconnect with you.

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