Saturday, May 23, 2009

Evening prayer

After spending time at Richmond Hill (a Christian retreat center) I started focusing on the benefits of set times of prayer. During the week we would do what monastic tradition calls "praying the hours" Being a baptist I never put much thought into setting times throughout the day to pray. I thought that it would lead to religion. My ideas have been changed and challenged. We prayed 3 times during the day at Richmond Hill 7am, 12pm, and 6pm and during these set times my heart was opened and I experienced God in a wonderful new light. Of course these were not the only times of prayer, however they were a set time set aside just to recenter on Jesus. Oh what a wonderful experience. Experiencing God in this way just grew my friendship with Jesus even more. Why shouldn't we experience God? Why should worship be void of emotion? As I search the scripture I can not find any harm in emotional worship. In fact, David was an emotional worshipper.

The book of Daniel said Daniel had set times of worship and prayer. In fact the scriptures says he had 3 times of daily prayer, just set aside for talking to his God.

This week as a practice set aside 3 times a day just to get alone with Jesus you will be blessed.

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