Saturday, May 23, 2009

Life is a Highway

As we were driving back yesterday from our conference, I was thinking about the song, life is a highway. I began to think on my life and tried to make a connection with that song. I thought about the bumps and the potholes in my life. I thought about the "road raged" drivers and the people I have passed because they drove to slow. I thought about the unexpected creatures that had wandered into my path and that I had left as "road kill" I also thought about the times I were left for dead as roadkill. Life can leave us bumped and bruised, raged and even dead in our spirit, "road kill heart".

A couple of weeks ago before we made 2 trips back home to NY we stopped at pepboys to get new struts replaced on the car for a smoother ride. Struts are kinda the new type of shock absorber. They are bigger and really made to absorb the bigger bumps that today's roads have. These absorbers take the brunt of the bumps. They are there to keep you safe and protected. If you didn't have struts on your car the bumps would be unbearable and dangerous. Your body wouldn't be able to handle the hits.

What are the shock absorbers in your life?
Of course if you are a Christ follower then his friendship and companionship is a biggie. My wife is also one of those "absorbers" a good friend one I can really share with the hurts of this life. The bible is another one for me. It softens the blows that life throws at me. I would suggest the Living translation just because it reads like today, relevant and understandable.

My point is you need Absorbers on this journey

May 23, 2009

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