Wednesday, May 27, 2009

House cleaning

Cleaning the house is never fun. It is something that has to happen, but you hate when that time comes. We live with three cats so in order to keep up with the hair we have to vacuum regularly. But most of the time I try to find other things to do then to clean the house.

The other day I was vacuuming and I noticed a spot. So I went and took the vacuum over it and to my disappointment the spot didn’t move. So I whet over it again, and still it didn’t move. I got frustrated so I went over it, and over it, and over it, until I could feel the bead of sweat coming down my forehead. I got so frustrated that I sighed loudly and finally bent down and picked it up. Huh? How simple. No sweat, no repetitive movements, just one quick movement I lifted this piece from off my carpet. Afterward I thought to my self how easy things are some times. We can really complicate things.

How many times do we need to clean our lives up? Not so much the big stuff just the little spots that can put a damper on our clean selves. I think sometimes we want the complication of having to pull out the big machinery just to clean up a little spot. You see, because if I have to focus on pulling the vacuum out, tugging on the cord, moving furniture, and hearing the loud noise of life, I can prolong having to deal with one of my imperfections.

Maybe you’re dealing with an issue, a spot that just won’t go away. Maybe a simple bending down can help you cleanse that spot.

Of course the bending down I am talking about is prayer, and confession. Not so God will punish you so; that he can heal you and you can stop punishing your self.

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