Friday, May 29, 2009

Don't build sand castles

I love living at the beach. It is truly a magical place especially in the summer when the whole world has seemed to find your heaven on earth. My wife and I do a lot of walking and beach combing. It is a chance for me to use my camera, or watch my wife’s face light up when a rouge waves climbs a little to high up on her leg. The one thing we always find at the beach is the ruins of a once majestic sand castle.

You see many children and some adults spend their time at the beach engaged in building for themselves dream castles. What happens is in order to build a sand castle you need water for the sand to stick together. But to keep the waves away and securing some kind of future for your beautiful creation, you would need to build it way up on the beach and would have to tote the water a great distance. So people decide to enjoy the moment and build near the water.

Kids can work for hours building great sand castles only to watch them be over taken by the rising tide at the end of the day. How many times have we wasted precious time working on things that won’t last? We focus on things that take so much time in our lives but produce only ruins in the end. We need to invest in people and spend our times with those we care about. Relationships are the most important commodity in this world and the next. We will be held accountable to God for the wasted time. If you are a Christ follower then you need to be focusing on making friendships and building people up. It is not confrontation, it is about relationship. Don’t do it just to grow a church, or add to your roll. Do it because the love of Christ compels you to love people, even those who might not be like me.

So don’t build sand castles just for the moment of joy. Rather, find someone you love and then head to the beach, with a bright colored bucket and shovel and spend time with building sand castles together. Relationships are the most important possession we have. Invest wisely, and invest often.

Go build sand castles =)

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